"I started working with CM consulting about two years ago and the results have been fantastic. The procedures Cathy implemented in our practice greatly increased our new patient's stream from the previous years. Cathy is very professional, efficient, affordable, and most importantly effective. The services she has provided for my business have paid for themselves several times over with the amount of income they have generated for my office. She has a great personality, wonderful sense of humor, and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her consulting service to any other office interested in increasing their new patient volume."

Brian Wiersma | Wilson County Chiropractic | Lebanon, TN

We all know that a steady flow of new patients is the life blood of every successful and profitable practice, right?

I specialize in one thing and one thing only Chiropractic Marketing. I have developed and perfected a Chiropractic Marketing system for quickly acquiring highly qualified new patients literally on demand called The CMC System™.

My goal is simple; help maximize your profits while you serve your patients with the highest quality care.

The CMC System™ leverages strategic relationships to acquire new patients for Chiropractic Clinics. Please take a few minutes and visit my Case Study files, there's a story from just about every conceivable practice (from brand new offices to well established practices) you are sure to find a story that matches where you are in your practice life cycle today.

If you like what my client's have shared, then contact me and let's discuss what my Chiropractic Marketing system can do for you!

To Your Profitable Practice!
Cathy Mustain-Rhinehart