Cathy has spent much of her adult life in the Chiropractic Field. In 1977 she started working in a chiropractic clinic as an assistant. Within 4 years she had married a chiropractor and helped him open an office in Oklahoma City. Due to her talent and knowledge in marketing and networking within the community that office quickly grew to be the 2nd largest clinic in Oklahoma City.

Her strong belief in the principals, values, and benefits of chiropractic led Cathy to the decision that she wanted to serve in the profession in a much bigger way. In 1995 she created CM Consulting to assist Doctors and staff on how to spread the message of chiropractic, run their offices more effective and efficient, how to market yourself with integrity and serve more people.

Cathy has been endorsed by many of the management companies in the profession and has spoken at several large chiropractic gatherings, sharing her insights and success in "Getting Known in Your Community"

Cathy has dedicated the last 24 years to making a difference in not only the profession but in doctors lives by helping them to achieve their goals and dreams. Traveling coast to coast and working with doctors who are right out of college to doctors who have been practicing for 30+ years, Cathy has a unique ability to connect with people and is a master at "relationship building" with corporations, businesses and civic groups in your community.

Cathy's love and dedication to the chiropractic profession is evident not only in her enthusiasm and energy but in the results that she attains for her clients.

If you want to grow your practice with honesty, integrity and have fun doing so, give Cathy a call. You won't be disappointed!