With 35 years of experience, I have perfected a simple Chiropractic Marketing system for Chiropractic Practices that I call The CMC System™. My proprietary CMC System™ was developed over my many years of working in and with Chiropractic Clinics. The CMC System™ has been successfully implemented for hundreds of Chiropractic Clinics of every shape and size, for new and well-established practices. My experience allows me to help you quickly and efficiently grow your practice and your profits.

Using The CMC System™ I have a proven track record of success creating strategic relationships between Chiropractic clinics and their community, especially with large companies who are uniquely positioned to help you grow your practice quickly.

Many of the companies I work with are household names. (We will also help you connect with local and community based companies and organizations but there are far too many of them to list here). In addition, I have developed a program to work with schools doing a teacher appreciation program.

I take a very hands-on approach to marketing your clinic and will actually travel to your location to partner and work side-by-side with you and your staff to quickly meet your growth goals.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! I would love to speak with you about your practice and how you can quickly and easily put The CMC System™ to work for you to grow your practice and profits.

If you would like to discuss your specific situation and explore forming a relationship please click here to contact me.

My hands-on methods and current client commitments keep me very busy but I will do everything possible to respond to you promptly and meet your needs. I would love to add your clinic to my rapidly growing list of satisfied clients.

"Working with Cathy for the past several years has been great! With her help and diligence in following up with company leads she has opened the doors for us to reach more companies and help more people get healthy. Cathy's program helps take care of all the time spent making first contacts and follow-ups so we can focus on what we are good at, providing the chiropractic message to people in our community. Thanks Cathy!"

Renee Pelissier
Natural Way Chiropractic
Calgary, Alberta